Lisa Whitworth

PSHE Lead, PSHE SLE and Project Director for RSHE Ready
Experience: I have been a PSHE lead for over 10 years and an SLE for 5 years. I also lead national research and evaluation on student mental wellbeing.
Area of Expertise: I have experience in policy writing, curriculum mapping and parental consultation as part of the new RSHE guidance. I am experienced in leading staff training and evaluating the effectiveness of programs.

Mia Dawson

PSHE, British values and RSE school lead
Experience: A teacher of PSHE and RSE for 10+ years and, the school PSHE/British Values and RSE lead since 2018. I have a strong focus on standards and achievement based on high teaching and learning expectations. It has not been without its challenges which has made the journey far more rewarding!
Areas of expertise: Faith based schools and developing resources.

Lauren Partridge

Head of RS and co-ordinator for KS3/4 PDP
Experience: I have been taught PSHE as a tutor (for 5 year) and in the last 2 years have created a new PSHE for yr 9-11 which combined RSE/RS and PSHE. As part of a new PDP programme at QE, specialising in RSE and making a bespoke programme which is relevant to our students
Areas of expertise: Combined RS/PSHE programmes, RSE and resources/planning whole-school programmes

Jane Craw

Head of PSHE and Curriculum Mental Health
Experience: I have been head of PSHE and Citizenship for more than 12 years at Paignton Academy which has involved writing SOW and developing the curriculum. During the last two years I have had a very prominent role as our Academy now offers one hour a week to all students. This has involved developing a more detailed and robust curriculum around the 2020 PSHE framework.

Areas of expertise: Over the last 12 years I have been supporting and training many staff who have been called upon to deliver PSHE outside their specialism. For example this year we have offered one hour a week training for involved staff to be able to deliver more sensitive topics more confidently. I am used to managing large numbers of staff, each having individual support needs.

Lorien Joyce

Head of PSHE
Experience: I have been teaching PSHE since the very beginning of my career 20 years ago alongside RE, Philosophy and Politics. I am also the school Gender equality IOP champion and share responsibility for KCC working towards becoming a Gold Award UNICEF Rights Respecting School.
Helen R

Helen Ryder

Head of Human Sciences and Wellbeing Lead
Experience: I have lead PSHE for about 10 years now and have had lots of experience of delivering the curriculum through drop down days as well as embedded into the weekly timetable. We now offer PSHE once a fortnight for a hour across KS3 –KS5, and have recently rewritten the scheme of learning from scratch to fit in with the new requirements.
Areas of expertise: Most confident with RSE, mental health and wellbeing topic areas.

Steffanie Morby

Assistant Head
Experience: I have been leading on PSHE and kindness at St James for several years and feel passionately that high quality PSHE education is the key to developing well rounded, responsible, happy and kind students. I have seen the incredible impact it can have on students’ lives and want to help develop that for students in any way I can.
Areas of expertise: I am happy to help you and your team with whatever is worrying you most.

Lisa Byford

Experience:I am the PSHE Lead at Churston Ferrers Grammar School, renowned for its academic excellence and outstanding personal development and pastoral support. I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as PSHE Lead for the last 5 years and have been committed to developing the whole school provision of PSHE. The statutory changes for 2020 have provided an opportunity to raise the profile of PSHE nationally and I see this as an exciting new era where we have the chance to help provide and develop high quality, valuable and consistent RSHE provision for our students as they prepare for modern day society. As well as the TSSW network, I am also a member of the Torbay Wellbeing, SWAT and SWTSA networks whose meetings have offered invaluable support and guidance.
Areas of expertise: I am happy to help in all areas of the subject and I look forward to working with you!

Hannah Bown

Head of Life Skills and Careers Lead for the College
Experience: I have been Head of Life Skills for approx. 5 years now and have created the scheme of work from scratch. Its constantly changing and evolving but has come a long way since I began.

Hannah Smart

Experience: I have a broad range of experiences in teaching, planning and monitoring PSHE in all it’s forms over the last two decades. Identifying how best to support students with a range of special educational needs to enable them to access, engage and participate in the content, themes and concepts within the curriculum is a core aspect of my practice.
Areas of expertise: I’m happy to support across the entire curriculum content with a focus on skilling staff to personalise, differentiate and enable access to the knowledge and skills students’ need to make progress and increase confidence in this subject area.

Nicola Bennett

Careers and PSHE Lead
Experience:I have been teaching for over twenty years and after initially training in PE and relocating back to Devon, I now lead both Careers and PSHE and teach Child Development. I am passionate about the importance of curriculum that I teach and enjoy the unpredictability of teaching PSHE topics to teenagers.
Areas of expertise:Due to my Child Development teaching, I have a wealth of experience in teaching consent, contraception and all things pregnancy. I have also developed awareness of mental health across the school and taught the LLTF programme for a number of years. I believe the development of the whole child is central to what we teach in school so that they can navigate our complex world successfully.
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